About Us

Mr. Wannamaker owned and operated a grocery chain around the turn of the 20th Century and he made that headline famous.

Never has it been more true than today.  Advertising AND Marketing in 2018 is difficult – and it’s getting tougher everyday.

If you’re not being told one thing by your boss, you’re being told another by a cooperative competitor.  It’s enough to make you throw up your arms and give up

That’s why at Mid-West Family Broadcasting we follow a few truths each day:

1 – Create A Customer.  We want you to buy your advertising in a way that provides a return for you for 10 years instead of making a one time sale.
2 – Be Known Before You’re Needed.  SEO and Social Media are the new Yellow Pages.  You can search or social your way to an instant decision.  A good brand helps you get known to the community long before you’re needed to solve a problem.  And RADIO ADVERTISING is still the best way to build a brand for the long-term.
3 – Be educated, informed, and a partner to local businesses.  If you grow, we grow, and our community grows.  The best sales reps know as much about your industry and specific business as they have product knowledge about ours.  We strive to hire account managers that understand “absorption rate” in the car business and/or “turn tables” in the restaurant business.

Many of these principles are highlighted in the book “The Wizard of Ads” by Roy Williams.  We’d love to meet you for a coffee and deliver a copy of that book to you.  Click here to set an appointment.