Links for February 4, 2020

We share links on this page to help business owners run a better business, marketers learn something, or maybe a nugget that you can use to be a better person or simply make you smile.

Everybody has seen the Red Bull commercials on TV. They are also a large radio activator – using radio events to get their product in consumer’s hands. They sell six billion cans per year, but are probably better known for their goofy stunts or racing teams. Local brands can be built the same way. Learn more here.

Radio has long dragged out a register-to-win box with paper forms to win prizes at client locations. The Chicago Bulls took that to a new level with the Dunkin’ Race and an app creator. At Mid-West Family, we have those options on-site for advertisers with digital register-to-win options that can provide prizing, traffic to stores, and a database for further contact.

Our goal with this blog is to be a thought leader in marketing, advertising, business, and leadership in the greater Rockford and DeKalb area. What’s a “Thought Leader” – you ask? Read about it here.

Thanks for reading!

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