Links for February 3, 2020

Each day, we’ll hit 3 or 4 links to help you become a better marketer, advertiser, or local business owner. And, since it’s our own blog, we’re going to cheerlead for our business and our medium on occasion.

We’ll start off with some cheerleading tonight:

95-3 The BULL Saves A Life! True story as the power of the Bull’s brand and our group’s social media presence found a kidney donor for a veteran. Read more here.

Radio works to build brand awareness for a new financial company and product. According to Westwood One, its study showed growth in key brand associations for the new financial brand after consumers gained exposure to the AM/FM radio campaign. Read more here.

And, realize that baby boomers control 54% of the disposable income in America right now. Why wouldn’t you want to target them?

The Consumer Electronic Show was last month in Las Vegas. Video and Voice were parts of the main exhibits of new gadgets. Here’s a recap.

Thanks for reading – we’ll check in later this week!

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